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Problem with BW Hierarchy Display in BPS Layout

I have done the following things:

1) Created 2 Characteristics, Product Category and Product Group.

2) Each characteristic contains characteristic values.

Values for Product Category (PC):

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Values for Product Group (PG):

11, 12, 13, 21,22,23,31,41,42,51,52,61

3)Created the following hierarchy in BW for Characteristic PC.

Root(Text Node)

  1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 (PC Level)

11,12,13 21,22,23 31 41,42 51,52 61 (PG Level)

4) The nodes at PC level appear green in color, whereas nodes at PG level appear yellow in color (not postable).

In planning level I have selected the Root node for the characteristic PC.

There is no selection for PG level.

5) I have also defined characteristic relations in the planning area of the type "hierarchy". Have also included PC and PG in the "combination check and proposal option".

6) In the layout I have got PC and PG in the lead columns in the correct order and key fig in data column

7) I am using hierarchical data model option and the BPS characteristic hierarchy is "selected" by default and grayed out.

Having given a complete overview of my settings could some one be gracious enuff to please let me know why do I am not getting correct display when i execute the layout.

I get the following display:

+ 1 Total 0 (input enabled)

+ 2 Total 0 (input enabled)

+ 3 Total 0 (input enabled)

+ 4 Total 0 (input enabled)

+ 5 Total 0 (input enabled)

+ 6 Total 0 (input enabled)

When i click to expand the plus signs e.g for PC "1", I get the following output:

+ 1 Total 0 (input enabled)

. 1 Not assigned 0 (Not input ready)

And similar for all of the remaining PC's. Can someone help me display the correct hierarchy as designed in BW in the BPS layout as well. Thanks a million. Will be very generous with points I promise.



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3 Answers

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    Oct 05, 2005 at 03:16 PM

    can anyone care to comment on my problem....



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      glad to hear that you solved it on your own.

      well, everyone in this forum was new to BPS in the past. we will learn day by day with more hands-on-experience & same case would be with you.

      post more questions in the forum & someone in the forum should be able to help you.

  • Oct 05, 2005 at 07:22 PM


    there is a misunderstanding of the following completely independent concepts:

    1. display of a BW hierarchy in a planning layout.

    2. use a BW hierarchy in characteristic relationsships.

    1. In BPS BW hierarchies are used as 'selection' and 'display' hierarchies, i.e. these hierarchies will be used for selection (i.e. they are contained in the level/package) and can be displayed in a layout with one ⚠️ leadcolumn. This leadcolumn contains the hierarchy characteristic.

    Please observe that in BPS and BW characteristics different from the hierarchy characteristic behave as text nodes, no combination of characteristic values are involved here.

    2. Characteristics relations just define valid combinations of characteristic values. This has nothing to do with display options in a planning layout. A BW hierarchy can be used as one method to define valid combinations.

    So if one wants to use a BPS hierarchy, to start just forget everything about BW hierarchies. Create a layout with PC, PG in the leadcolumns and set the flag 'BPS hierachy'. Do not use a hierarchy in the level/package. Enter e.g. the combinations in the layout



    then one gets (depending on already existing data):










    In the above layout you can not use a BW hierarchy for display, but in the above scenario one may use a BW hierarchy to control the valid combinations: the hierarchy

    is created for PG and 11,12,13 are below PC 1, 21,22,23 are below 2, etc. The system will only use the hierarchy to check whether a combination of characteristic values in valid (i.e. is contained in the hierarchy).

    The other option is not to use a BPS hierarchy at all. Create the BW hierarchy as above do not ⚠️ include PC in the level, create a layout with PG in the one and only leadcolumn, use the BW hierarchy in the level/package and

    set 'no hierarchical data model' in the first screen of the layout builder and 'hierarchy' in the third screen of the layout builder. Then the BW hierarchy will be displayed in the layout but the nodes with PC are not ready for input (are treated as text nodes as in BW). In the Excel frontend you may use 'calculate data locally', then the PC nodes are ready for input. Forget about # in this case.

    Again the same BW hierarchy may (or may not!) be used in characteristic relationsships, this depends whether PC is included in the cube. If yes, one may use the BW hierarchy in the relationships to derive PC from PG.

    In PC is not in the cube the PC nodes in the BW hierarchy are just a logical grouping.



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    Oct 05, 2005 at 09:52 AM

    Hi Salman,

    You can try referring to the post "Hierarchy with Postable nodes" that I had raised, replied by Gregor in detail, if it helps. I am myself trying to work out on the same.

    Business Planning



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