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Oct 18, 2013 at 05:11 AM

DS planning board manual drag over 7 mnths with CDP



I am trying to manually drag an order on the DS Planning board From June 2014 back to Oct 2013, so thats about 8 months.

This is with characteristic based planning, so I am trying to drag it to its correct block that links to its characterisic.

I keep getting no scheduling message (settings set to "consider block planning")

If I put the setting to IGNORE block planning, I can drag it anywhere.
And if I use IGNORE block planning, I can drag it back a few months - eg to May 2014, and then from the middle of March it seems to work.

So I can drag the order from May back to October - so thats about 7 months.

I am wondering if I have set some kind of random limit between 7 and 8 months where dragging doesnt work?

The pegging req is also in June.

I have the PPDS horizon set at 400 days, so way into the future to allow this (Initially I thought this may be the issue)

I am opening up a year forward in the DS planning board.

Any tips on how to get this to work, or wether there is some kind of time barrier on what can work.