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Oct 17, 2013 at 10:08 PM

UI Integrated Services - login screen not responding


Hello Experts,

I was hoping you may have come across this following issue. I have been trying to use the Integrated services in hana studio rev60 and client rev60 on hana DB 1.00.62. According to this video, it is a two minute job - It's been already two days.Basically, I cannot get through the login screen even with the SYSTEM user. It is just not responding .

Following the video and developing guideline. I added two roles to my user:sap.hana.uis.db::SITE_DESIGNER: to design application sites, sap.hana.uis.db::SITE_USER: to use application sites and the delivery unit just in case: HANA_UI_INTEGRATION_SVC.tgz. The problem occurs when I access the .xsappsite. Upon the double click on it or through 'open with -> application editor', I have the login window in the embedded browsr of hana studio, which in some tutorials is an expected result, but when I provide my credentials (the same to access the system) nothing happens. I think, this is because the login page in the embedded browser in hana studio refers to my local path (file:/C:..) as opposed to the system one (http:/.<system>), and that’s why it does not react at all. I did re-install everything a couple of times. My questions would be:

Do you have any ideas what can be wrong?

Are you aware of some settings in the hana studio that can make the local path as default (maybe this is a problem)?. I never got anything working in this embedded browser, It always showed the local path which I was changing for the system one, and then it worked. In this case, There is no local path available.

Any hints on this would be greatly appreciated.




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