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Oct 17, 2013 at 06:58 PM

Convert Number to Date & Time


I need somebody to help me convert a number into date and time. My formula does get the date right but the time is off especially around midnight.


Date Created:- 20,131,015.00 (This should be converted to 10/15/13)

Time Created: - 1,949.00 (This should be 12:09:49 AM, but I'm getting 1:09:49 AM)

Time creared:- 449.00 (should be 12:04:49 AM, but I'm getting 4:04:49 AM)

Here is my code

//This function will take a date field AND a time field and give one Date/Time field

//V1 will be the date field, V2 is the time field

Function (numberVar v1, numberVar v2)

//Date Conversion

local stringVar MyDate := CStr(v1);

local stringVar YearVar := MyDate[1 to 2] + MyDate[4 to 5];

local stringVar MonthVar := MyDate[6] + MyDate[8];

local stringVar DayVar := MyDate[9] + MyDate[10];

//Time Conversion

local numbervar MyTimeNum:= Int(v2);

Local stringvar MyTimeStr := cstr(MyTimeNum);

if MyTimeNum<100000 then MyTimeStr := "0"+MyTimeStr;


//fill in array

local stringVar TimeHold := MyTimeStr;

local stringVar Allzeros := "00000000";


local numberVar z := Length(Timehold);

local stringVar HrsVar := mid(Timehold,1,2);

local stringVar MinVar := Mid(Timehold,z-7+1,1)+mid(Timehold,z-6+1,1);

local stringVar SecVar :=mid(Timehold,z-5+1,2);

DateTime(ToNumber(YearVar), ToNumber(MonthVar), ToNumber(DayVar),

ToNumber(HrsVar), ToNumber(MinVar), ToNumber(SecVar));