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Oct 17, 2013 at 05:04 PM

Error SAP BI Mobile


Hey at all,

last week we updated our BO System to 4.1 SP1 Patch1.

Now we had problems with the BI Mobile App. If we tried to connect to our BO Server we get the following Error Message:

"while trying to invoke the method of an object loaded from local variable 'ccMap'

The BI App is the lastest version. I couldn´t find any entry in the log of the BO server nothing. I redeployed BiMobileService war but the error is the same.

Its not realy an BO Error Message its an Java Exception. I could click ok and i only see "No documents available".

I thougt on document would be corrupt therefore i removed all "Mobile" categories but the error is the same.

I added 1 document to the category and tryed to refresh and i get the same error. Iám also get the same error if i refresh with no documents in the category.

Does anybody know the problem?