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Oct 17, 2013 at 05:53 AM

Firmed Planned Order


Hi Team,

I would like to understand the difference between "Planned Order" & "Firmed Planned Order" in layman's language. I understand that the difference between these two is, during MRP run, the planned orders which has firming indicator will NOT be changed. In which business scenario this firming indicator will be helpful? Can anyone explain with some business example?

Qus2: When i create the planned order in MD11 with profile "LA- Stock order", the firming indicator & the conversion indicator is set automatically AFTER entering the order finish date. How the firming indicator & conversion indicator is set automatically after entering the order finish date?

Qus3: For example, i have created two planned orders, one planned order of "LA- stock order" type & another planned order of "KD-Individual customer order"

type. In OVZ9, for the availability checking group 02 (Individual) & Checking Rule A(Sale Order), if i maintain "X- Check All Planned Orders" in the field of "Incl. Planned Orders", will above created two (type LA & KD) planned order considered or ONLY the planned order with type KD will be considered?

Qus4: In OVZ9, in the field "Incl. Planned Orders", we have the option "B- Only check planned orders that are completely confirmed". Is this mean that consider ONLY the planned orders for which ALL the BOM components are FULLY COMMITTED after ATP check?