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Oct 04, 2005 at 04:57 PM

htmlb dropdownListBox with data binding


Hello all,

After read the excellent artile "BSP Model Data Binding Made Easy" from Sergio Ferrari and Craig Cmehil I thought such a nice thing this, then I tried to use it.

I created a dropdownlistbox for country but It is not working, I mean the automatic load that data binding should do is not happening.

I inserted the following HTMLB tag in my view:

<htmlb:dropdownListBox id = "COUNTRY"

selection = "//ar_model/"

helpValues = "//ar_model/"


My country field inside my model is declared as following:

Data element LAND1

Search help name H_T005_LAND

Origin of the input help: X Explicit search help attached to the field

I compared every single line of code with the article and the only difference I noticed was that for CARRID the search help does not have a Text table, but for COUNTRY there is of course the Text Table T005T.

Could be this the reason it does not work?