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Oct 16, 2013 at 01:51 PM

Importing User Defined MasterData as Extension Collections


Hi SAP Sourcing Guru,

I tried to import user defined masterdata as extension collections, but it did not work correctly.

The import log showed the following warning, and I could not see it in a contract.

Record 1. Warning: An error was encountered in column LEGAL_ENTITY4 which had the value 4000 South Redwood Road LLC: The object being referred in field LEGAL_ENTITY4 to was not found: 4000 South Redwood Road LLC

I used User Defined MasterData3.

"4000 South Redwood Road LLC" is DISPLAY_NAME in FCI_UDEF_MASTERDATA3 table.

Excel file is as follows:

CLASS OBJECT COLLECTION LEGAL_ENTITY4 LEGAL_VEHICLE_ID contracts.Conract Contract-11555 LEGAL_ENITITY 4000 South Redwood Road LLC 12345

The contract only showed LEGAL_VEHICLE_ID and empty value for LEGAL_ENTITY4.

Is there something I missed?

Any clues will be appreciated.

Best Regards,