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Oct 16, 2013 at 08:24 AM

Purchase to Cost Center with Stock increase


Hi experts

I'm currently using a non valuated material (with no accounting views, and therefore only with quantity update), that I purchase to cost center. When I perform the goods receipt of the purchase of these materials, the stock is increased which makes no sense.

I'm unable to test this purchase to stock, as I get a error requesting the inclusion of an account assignment.

I've tested using another material, with accounting views, and it works normaly: purchase to stock, stock gets increased; purchase to cost center, stock is not affected.

Can anyone provide some clarity on this behaviour and how to overcome this? I will require to have stocks changes when purchasing to certain cost centers, but before doing any kind on enhancement, I would just like to understant the reason of this behavoir (it might be that I have some sort of enhancement - not done by me - that is affecting this).

Many thanks for your help