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Oct 15, 2013 at 03:02 PM

Where are my Travel webDynpro pages?


Hi All,

We have travel and expenses setup in our ESS portal, with all the standard Create expenses report, create travel plan, my trips and expenses etc etc pages.

Looking in the PCD, these all claim to be webdynpro (identified by their logo of a page symbol with WD). I need to customise some of these pages, but am struggling to find them in my back end system.

Take for example "Create Expense Report". The SAP documentation shows this as being "FITE_EXPENSES". I login to my ERP server SE80, Repo browser --> webdynpro Comp/Intf --> *FITE* . From this I get no hits.

If I * search all webdynpro, I can't see anything in there that looks anything like my expenses page! It must be somewhere as we use these pages.. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Many thanks