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Oct 15, 2013 at 02:13 PM

how to increase width of the UI elements in Nakisa OrgChart


Hi All,

We are implementing HR Renewals for EHP6 system. EHP6 uses Nakisa for Org Chart visualisation and it is working fine for us except that the width of the UI elements seems to be too small. Because of this the field names and the corresponding data is being truncated and are being replaced by three dots "..." . When we move the mouse over the dot the tool tip is showing the entire text. Even though there is an empty space available to the right of the elements the text is being truncated.

We observed that sometimes even the system shows just those 3 dots even for text that has only 3-4 characters (for example, the sting 100% also is not fully rendered fully)

Isn't there any way to configure the sizes of the UI elements or the boxes used for building the orgchart so that the data shows up fully.