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How do I refresh Distribution list for Webi Broadcast reportsin BOBJ 4.1

We have an issue with report distribution using the BOBJ broadcast feature.

We have 2 reports.

  1. A distribution list which has names and email addresses of people who need reminding about data quality issues
  2. A quality report that we want to send to offenders identified in the distribution list.

Both reports share the same logic for identifying people and the same prompt parameters.

We schedule the distribution list refresh to run 5 minutes before the broadcast report, to ensure an up to date list.

The issue is that the broadcast report does not see the instance of the distribution report that has just run, but instead uses the cached results from when the report was saved. So instead of sending to 2 people, it will send to 5 people (2 with issues, and 3 blank reports).

I have tried purging the distribution list and saving, but that results in no distributions. I have tried setting the distribution list to refresh when run, this doesn’t work either.

So the net results is that the distribution function is not correct as the target audience differs. See attached PNG exampledistributiondata.png

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2 Answers

  • Jan 16, 2017 at 09:06 AM

    Yes this is using normal BO Scheduling

    1. Report 1 (Distribution list) is scheduled at 9:45 to prepare the list

    2. Broadcast 1 (Quality report) is scheduled at 10:00, and this uses the distribution list created in report 1.

    the problem lies with the broadcast, it doesn't use the results of the latest run of report 1, instead it uses the values from when report 1 was "saved".

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    • how you have used report 1 in the report 2 schedule without publication.still i did not understand the workflow you have used..

      Please explain in detail.

  • Jan 17, 2017 at 12:33 PM

    I am using Publication for report 2. In the publication, I use the results of report 1 to determine the dynamic recipients.

    1 run report 1 (on schedule) 10 minutes before the publication runs, so that the distribution list is up to date.

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    • in the dynamic recipients have you used "use entire list" option to selected?

      After that have you selected the report filed & dynamic reciptient field mapping in the Personalization?