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Oct 15, 2013 at 11:57 AM

#MULTIVALUE Error when formula is applied


We have Business Objects 4.0 version 14.0.4.

I'm using WebI rich client to create our Sales reports.

In the formula for one of aggreagated measures, I created a key figure formula that is the "Status of ticket priorities".

This key figure is a If/Then/Else, where in some 40-50 measures have been interlinked by applying dependancy.

The problem is that if in BO4, if this report is refreshed, then I'm getting in the report "#MULTIVALUE" error.

While the parallel report in BO6.5 does not give error, it refreshes by giving right data in the main tab.It worked fine.

If I compare the remaining tabs of the report, data is appearing and correct too except for this main tab which happens to be SUMMARIZED tab.

All measures of BO6.5 been compared with their BO4 counterparts.

Appreciate any help in fixing this issue.