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Former Member
Oct 15, 2013 at 08:31 AM

Data filter / Max(version) for UDO


Hi all,

I've created a UDT and already registered to UDO. I'm using VB to add menu and load a customer form (SAP normal function such as add, update, delete works fine). Is it possible to show the max version instead of all version? For example:

DocEntry: 1

U_DiscCode: Disc-001

U_Version: 1

DocEntry: 2

U_DiscCode: Disc-001

U_Version: 2

DocEntry: 3

U_DiscCode: Disc-002

U_Version: 1

When I open the form and press first button, it will show the record for DocEntry = 1 (Disc-001, version 1)

Can I add conditions or filter to only show the max version of DiscCode? (Result: Disc-001, version 2)