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Former Member
Oct 04, 2005 at 12:31 PM

Invoice Doc Display for Ship to country



I am trying to Display Invoice Doc's based on Ship-to-country.

I am Displaying Invoice amount, Payment amnt and With holding tax amnt.

I am getting Payment Doc's(cleared) and Invoice Doc's from BSAD.

Here the problem is I am able to get Ship-to-country for only Invoice Doc's.I am not getting for Payment Doc's.

For Ex:If there are multiple Invoices for 1 Payment Doc and the Invoices are for Different Ship-to, Only specified Ship-to Invoices will be captured.

Here the criteria is Total Invoice amnt should be equal to Sum of the Payment amnt and Withhold amnt.

Same situation will arise when multiple payment document's for multiple Invoices.

They way I am taking Ship-to-country is From Invoice doc >Sales doc >Ship-to.

Please help me if any thing I missed in the flow to get the correct result.

Thanks in Advance for your reply.