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More than 256 wps

Hi SAPpies.

Does anyone wanna share there experience in having more than 255 work processes in the same instance.

Having 377 workprocesses in the same instance seems to work OK, but the system message "Request (type NOWP) cannot be processed" keeps comming from the dispatcher. I tried with 186 in the first place and didn't have this message at all.

SAP Notes tells me to ignore the message but the number of messages in the system log is to HIGH to be ignored.

Best regards,


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3 Answers

  • Oct 14, 2013 at 03:00 PM

    I believe you referred to these notes:

    Note 1025358 - Request (type NOWP) cannot be processed

    Note 191234 - Syslog: Q0G K request (type NOWP) cannot ...

    and the SAP solution to ignore these messages come from here.

    If there is no option to get rid off these messages and if these messages are bothering then I would consider this solution.

    Fourth possible solution: this option is for special cases only: You can install two small application servers on the same host. As a result, the users are distributed and the buffers do not overflow as often as before.



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  • Oct 14, 2013 at 06:33 PM

    Hello Teddy,

    What a configuration, 377 Work process ?

    You must be running your SAP on a really big server...

    What are your hardware spec, OS version, SAP version & kernel version ?

    How many SAP instances ?

    SAP documentation is quite clear on that point creating too much process won't have a good impact on performance.

    It would be interesting to know why you have created so many process, what is the goal of such a configuration ?

    Best regards

    1612283 - Hardware Configuration Standards and Guidance

    An example is three ABAP instances each with 50 work processes has shown much better performance than one ABAP instance with 150 work processes.

    Installing multiple ABAP or Java instances on a single physical server will allow the H/W resources to be fully leveraged.

    9942 - Maximum number of work processes

    Disadvantages of one large instance:

    • Bottlenecks may occur on shared resources within one instance, for example in the dispatcher, the gateway, network connections, and buffers.
    • Problems may occur within an instance and may affect a higher number of sessions.
    • Poorer handling during monitoring and error analysis, for example, more time required for analyzing user traces and performance statistics.

    SAP recommends is 4 to 5 WP per process (ok, that one might not have been updated since a while)

    # Processor Cores

    # SAP Work Processes







    > 4

    4-5 work processes per processor

    Page 31

    1. The amount of CPU cores on the server hardware available for the DI. Depending on the processing speed of the CPU core, typically between four and ten work processes per core can be configured with today’s technology.
    2. The amount of main memory available, required to maintain rapid access to frequently-used user context, avoiding the need to read it from the operating system paging or swap space on disk.
    3. Bottlenecks in shared resources of the DI, for example in the dispatcher process, gateway process or buffers for ABAP programs and database table data. The maximum number of work processes possible is also  release dependent (see SAP Note 9942). Besides the limitations mentioned in the SAP Note, as a rule of thumb, splitting a DI once it exceeds 200 work processes is recommended.
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    • Former Member


      can you please check how much value you see in when you go in .

      see transaction SM51 under "Goto -> Information -> Queue Information"


      Rishi Abrol

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    Former Member
    Oct 15, 2013 at 02:57 AM


         Follow SAP Note Note 1025358 - Request (type NOWP) cannot be processed.

    The Queue information will vary depends on the HW Sizing.



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