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Oct 14, 2013 at 01:23 PM

7.5 Upgrade to 7.8 -> MultiVersionReadSupport



We want to upgrade our MAXDB server from version 7.3 to 7.8 by the intermidiate of MAXDB 7.5 backup/restore.The 7.3 is installed on Winfows 2003 2bits.The 7.5 is installed on Winfows 2003 64bits with DBMGUI 7.5 while the 7.8 is installed on Windows 2008 64bits with db studio 7.9.

The backup of 7.3 and the restore on 7.5 was done following the instructions of the note 129352

According to the same note 129352, as of MAXFB Version 7.5 backups can also be imported into target systems in which a higher MaxDB version is

running. A backup was taken successfully on the 7.5 and While restoring it on 7.8 i have the following error:

-3068 Mismatch of parameter configuration between backup and instance6,Data recovery failed20035,Parameter UseMultiVersionReadSupport not foundServertask Info: because Error in backup task occuredJob 1 (Backup / Restore Medium Task) [executing] WaitingT72 Result=5224Error in backup task occured, Error code 5224 "wrong_configuration"

The parameter UseMultiVersionReadSupport was set to NO.

The param_checkall was ok.

Does anybody have an idea how to reolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,