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Oct 14, 2013 at 01:03 PM

choose the best data testing method.


Hi expert,

I have questions about how to test data between target and source. normally there are following method:

(1) Abap program, comparing source of ECC and target of BW, I thought this is the most best method to do complete data check. but my question is : is this method used often in really project ? because ABAP coding for this is kind of complex.

(2) get source from RSA3 , and export source and target data into spreadsheet, and compare them using excel. but this method has some limitation as follows:

A. source from RSA3 are organized by data package, we should re-arrange them into one excel file.

B. compare two excel file is not easy. can only compare by row count and total sum.

C. because source and target are not one to one mapping, it is hard to do transformation to perform comparison.

D. so normally I do comparison by filtering out same data from source and target, but this testing is not comprehensive enough.

so how often do you use this method in your project?

(3) get source and target the same way as point (2), but this time I save those excel file into database tables, and perform data testing in database by comparing those table. do you use this method in real project.

(4) could you please share any other method to do data testing between source and target?

Many Thanks,