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Oct 14, 2013 at 07:56 AM

HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION with PA0052 - Problem in 0052-betrg?


Hi out there,

i'm firmed in handling data in personal administration. Also i used very often function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION.

In this case i'm not able to update IT0052.

My requirement is just to create a new dataset for this infotype. There is also a depending dataset on database which i can use for copy.

1. Pick dataset on pa0052.

2. Change date (timeperiod)

3. Update with function call <- Error

Error message PG 69 - bitte Betrag eingeben (Please fill field amount (money)) - FIELD BETR01.

But it's definitely filled....also LGART and all other necessary fields....

Any Ideas?

call function 'BAPI_EMPLOYEE_ENQUEUE'    exporting      number = m_pernr    importing      return = es_return.  if  es_return-type ca 'AE'.    exit.  endif.         call function 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'    exporting      infty         = l_infty      number        = m_pernr      subtype       = is_0052-subty      recordnumber  = is_0052-seqnr      record        = is_0052      operation     = i_operation      validitybegin = is_0052-begda      validityend   = is_0052-endda    importing      return        = es_return      key           = ls_key.    if 1 = 2. endif.    call function 'BAPI_EMPLOYEE_DEQUEUE'    exporting      number = m_pernr    importing      return = ls_return.