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Oct 14, 2013 at 05:48 AM

How to maintain two Account Assignmnt Groups for one Customer


Hi All,

I am selling two type of items to same customer. And the two type of item has to hit separate Revenue GL accounts.


Scenario 1

Customer A-------------- Dr

Domestic Revenue------------Cr

Scenario 2

Customer A--------------Dr

Warranty Revenue----------Cr

Now, in VKOA. I have to create two separate Account Assignment Group for Customer for Domestic Revenue and Warranty Revenue. Now, when I am posting Warranty Sales, I need to maintain the respective Account Assignment Group for Customer in Customer Account. Again, when I am posting Domestic Revenue, I have to change the AAG for customer in Customer Account.

Every time I have to change manually, the AAG so that the correct revenue account is hitting for Domestic Revenue and Warranty Revenue.

Also, there is big list of Customers, and all customers has to be linkled to Warranty Sales and Domestic Revenue. We cannot maintain duplicate customers for Warranty sales separately.

Please suggest how this can be managed automatically.