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Oct 14, 2013 at 06:34 AM

0CUST_SAELS IO Conversion Block (Status 3)


Hi All,

I am facing transport error while moving from Development to Production System.

Actually the 0CUST_SALES object is already available in Production Box, I want to add two more Navigational attributes for this Object.
So i done the same and collected two Nav objects along with 0CUST_SALES object in one TR,

And this TR is importing for more than 3 days but no result. So Basis has deleted this TR from the Import Queue.

When I checked in Production system there is Lock symbol beside to the object as Conversion Block (Status 3) and Basis is saying there is a
deadlock on the object.

Extras --> Remove Conversation Block was grade out in RSA1 (Infoobejct) when I try to remove lock

this causes the data laods and reprots , Could you pls. Provide you inputs ASAP on this.

Thansk All




Capture1.PNG (25.9 kB)