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Oct 14, 2013 at 06:06 AM

Process order settlement


Dear all,

Need suggestion on below scenario, please advise.

In process order I have defined settlement rule on material X (Moving avg price managed).material X will be produced and settled daily. Whenever I settle it on X, variance settled on X. its ok but price of X is market driven and may fluctuate daily. So I need to settle X in way that price of X will be as market price (it could be equal or below or greater than to the current MAP of X)


MAP of X 1000$

Process order variance to be settled on X is 500$ so after settlement MAP of X 1500$

CASE 1: If Market price of X 1500$ than its ok

CASE 2: If Market price of X 1200$ than what to do with -300$.

CASE 3: If Market price of X 2000$ than what to do with +500$.

After settling I want X to represent market price in any of the above case, is it achievable?