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Oct 12, 2013 at 11:36 PM




I need to create a new depreciation area for the assets.

The new depreciation area does not post.

The initial upload is in the current year -31.01.2013- (the assets were uploaded this year).

We also manage AUC with investment measures.

We are planning to run the program RAFABNEW in order to add the new depreciation area in the assets w/o any value (Indicator: Leave values initial), and then run AS92 in order to add the values to the assets

I have the following questions:

1) I was reading the program does not create the depreciation area for the AUC with investment measure. I also read some notes about doing a Z program for this assets. I do not need to add the new depreciation area for the AUC which already are in the system.

Can I have any problem with the AUC for running the program? Or the program only works with the other assets not considering the AUC?

Should I deactivate the depreciation areas for AUC at the time of running the program?

2) As I need to add values in the new assets I am planning to update them by as92 only in the depreciation area which was created by RAFABNEW. I will add the values w/o changing the initial transfer date in the system because we are in the same fiscal year.

Do you think we can have any problem of using AS92? The problem is the values of the new depreciation area is completely different from the other depreciation areas, so I need to copy then w/o value, and I do not find any better solution of using AS92 for uploading the correct values.