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Oct 12, 2013 at 06:03 AM

Deactivate Net value in Debit Memo


Dear Gurus,

My client issued an invoice with 16% sales tax on July,13. But later due to increase in sales tax as of 17% they issues Debit Note for charging amount comprised of 1% tax difference as on previous issued invoice.

For example: Total N.Weight Value Exclusive of S.T Sales Tax Rate Sales Tax Value Value Inclusive of ST (PR00 X QTY)

Invoice on july 549.30 39,711,730 16% 6,353,876.80 46,065,606.80

Revised 549.30 39,711,730 17% 6,750,994.10 46,462,724.10

Debit note 397,117.30 397,117.30

(Difference in Tax)

Now , my client wants that on SAP when Debit Note will be created then Accounting Document should be created with only Out Put Tax G/L of amount Rs. 397,117.30 . No other G/L should comprised on that Accounting Doc.

1. I have created new pricing procedure XYZ 02 in which i have kept all condition types STATISTICAL except MWST. But when i created Debit Note with reference of preceding billing doc (Pricing procedure XYZ 01) then i could not find new pricing procedure XYZ 02 in that which is correct as SAP Standard functionality b/c debit note is creating with refer of preceding billing doc then it will replicate all procedures similarity in debit note as well.

2. On copy control from Billing doc to Sales Doc i tried with routine 53 on VBAK but it could not work. I also tested by keeping pricing procedure B i.e new pricing procedure at item level . But desire result could not attain.

Please guide.