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Oct 11, 2013 at 08:09 PM

No subsequent listing is possible for assortment xxx


When executing Transaction MB1B, I am trying to understand why certain sites throw an error such as “No subsequent listing is possible for assortment xxxx”.

As an example, I took Article 12345678, entered movement type 303, and site 1234. 12345678 is listed to Site 1234.

As receiving site, I entered 9999. Please note, at this time 12345678 is not listed to 9999. I was able to execute this transaction successfully. Article ended up automatically listing to site 9999 and goods movement occurred successfully.

But when I took the same article, and entered site 1584 as receiving site, I received error “No subsequent listing is possible for assortment 1584”. Is this because the article is not listed to site 1584? If so, I would have expected the same result in the 1st scenario because the article was not listed to 9999. But after executing MB1B, article automatically got listed to 9999.

Both sites have Subsequent Listing Indicator and Listing Procedures in WB02 as 2 and 02 respectively.

Has anyone else faced this problem?