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Oct 11, 2013 at 01:11 PM

How to do create operation in Json model?



I have done sample application which is having create operation using oData model by following the below link.

It's working fine and I can create the records in back end.

Now I am doing same application for mobile using JSON Model .In that application when I am sending request to the back end in the same way I am getting the below error message.

CX_SXML_PARSE_ERROR/001560AA0E081DEB8CA398CC1690D406Error while parsing an XML stream206B32E3A013F1A29B1D20CF30C48576

when I observe the xml data in Request Payload for both desktop and mobile applications, they are in different format.

Please suggest me , If any one knows to send the data to the back end with CSRF token in JSON model not in oData model