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Oct 10, 2013 at 10:12 AM

Error on STMS during the importing of requests



I´m with a problem in the STMS transaction... any order that we try to import the STMS stucks, doesn´t move anymore!

Our systems are SAP ERP 6.0 with Kernel version 700 (latest patch level 353).

I checked the SLOG, ALOG and ULOG and I see the following last lines:



WARNING: \\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans\tmp\SJP.LOB is already in use (14870), I'm waiting 2 sec (20131010105552). My name: pid 6536 on SRVSEDE32 (APServiceSJP)

WARNING: \\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans\tmp\SJP.LOB is already in use (13220), I'm waiting 5 sec (20131010105558). My name: pid 6896 on SRVSEDE32 (APServiceSJP)

WARNING: \\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans\tmp\SJDKK905512.SJP is already in use (13270), I'm waiting 1 sec (20131010105601). My name: pid 6924 on SRVSEDE32 (APServiceSJP)

WARNING: \\srvsede238\sapmnt\trans\tmp\SJP.LOB is already in use (150), I'm waiting 3 sec (20131010105605). My name: pid 1448 on SRVSEDE02 (APServiceSJQ)




ALL SJQ.ALL 6 0000 20131010103942 ACCEN_PAC SRVSEDE02 20131010103940937

SJDK905576 SJQ:300 I 0000 20131010103944 ACCEN_PAC ACCEN_PAC SRVSEDE02 20131010103940937

ALL SJQ.ALL 6 0000 20131010104834 ACCEN_PAC SRVSEDE02 20131010104834000

SJDK905578 SJQ:300 I 0000 20131010104836 ACCEN_PAC ACCEN_PAC SRVSEDE02 20131010104834000



APServiceSJD 20131010104602 RFC: tp EXPWBO SJDK905578 client300 pf=\\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_SJD.PFL FEEDBACK ASYNCEXP -Dtransdir=\\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans (pid=1436)

APServiceSJQ 20131010104834 RFC: tp IMPORT SJDK905578 SJQ client300 U0 pf=\\srvsede238\sapmnt\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_SJD.PFL FEEDBACK ASYNCIMP -Dimpmon_mode=DETAILED -Dtransdir=\\srvsede238\sapmnt\trans (pid=1448)

APServiceSJD 20131010105117 RFC: tp COUNT SJD pf=\\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_SJD.PFL -Dtransdir=\\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans (pid=5584)

APServiceSJP 20131010105118 RFC: tp COUNT SJP pf=\\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_SJD.PFL -Dtransdir=\\SRVSEDE238\sapmnt\trans (pid=6808)

APServiceSJQ 20131010105118 RFC: tp COUNT SJQ pf=\\srvsede238\sapmnt\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_SJD.PFL -Dtransdir=\\srvsede238\sapmnt\trans (pid=1144)

I checked for a solution, I found the sap notes 690449 (Transport buffer lock file (.LOB) remains blocked on Windows) and 12746 (WARN <file> is already in use (), I'm waiting 5 sec)

But honestly I don´t know if this is the solution to my problem... and I don´t understand well the instructions in that SAP Notes!

Can you help me please!?

Kind regards,