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Oct 03, 2005 at 11:09 PM

Retrieving the *page* name


Hello all,

I have the following scenario in the EP6 SP9:

"Role A" -> "Role B" -> "Page A"

"Role A" -> "Role C" -> "Page B"

where Page A run an iView and Page A and B are deltalinks of another page.

With a few code lines I can retrieve the roles the user used to call the "Page A" or "Page B", but I can't retrieve the name of the page (it is also a node why can't I retrive it?).

1) Is there a way to retrieve the page name?

2) Is there someway to retrieve another page properties?

I tried the code below, but it seems that it retrieves the information from the java class it is running and dont the page/iview.

Any help will be appreciated,


Alessandro Reichert.

IPortalComponentContext ctx = request.getComponentContext("pcd:portal_content/com.citrosuco.citrosuco/com.citrosuco.intranet/com.citrosuco.mes/com.citrosuco.OperatorCockpitFolder/com.citrosuco.OperatorCockpitiViews/com.citrosuco.CockpitOperatorURLiView");

IPortalComponentProfile profile = ctx.getProfile();

Enumeration e = profile.getProperties();

while (e.hasMoreElements())


String str;

str = e.nextElement().toString();