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Oct 03, 2005 at 10:52 PM

Alignment in dynamic table in workflow mail


I have a workflow with a task of sending mail to SAP inbox. The body of the mail should display a table with a structure that is dynamically determined at run time. The workflow is triggered from a report in which a dynamic table is first created, filled with data. Then, before the event is raised, each line of the table is converted to ABAPTXT255 and then the table of string is passed to the workflow. The content of the original table is then shown as a table of strings.

The problem is that, because I convert the content to string before passing the table to workflow, I’ve lost control over the alignment of columns I originally had before the conversion, and the font used in SAP inbox doesn’t help either. Hence, the table appears in the mail as having no alignment at all.

My dilemma is that, I cannot think of another way of passing a table with dynamic structure to workflow, except to convert everything to string first. But, then I lost control over the alignment.

Has anyone come across anything similar to this before? Any comments or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.