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Oct 03, 2005 at 09:49 PM

How to extract Std Price from MBEW monthly ?



We have 5 cubes in our system

1.Material Stocks


3.PSI planned order


5.Purchasing data

MBEW table in R/3 has the std price.We need

Total Price = Volume*Std price(or previous price) for one report

The problem is how do i extract the exact std price and that too month wise?

The catch here is that based on the last price changed date for MBEW table if Transaction date is less than the changed date(when the std price is changed) then we would use the previous price,If the transaction date is equal to or after the changed date then we use the standard price.E.g If changed date is 1st Oct(10/01) and if transaction date is before 10/01 then we use previous price say 2000, but if the transaction date is on 10/01 or after 10/01 then we want to use the std price which is in MBEW table

How do we do this?Please help

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