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Oct 10, 2013 at 05:46 AM

Passing parameters to a method getting called inside a method


Hi ,

I have a requirement where I am calling a standard SAP class 'CL_RSBK_DTP' method 'get_obj_ref_filter', using a custom program 'ZTEST', inside this method we have another method 'GET_OBJ_REF_DISPLAY' getting called. So in short we have a method getting called inside a method.

Now my requirement is to pass the values to the parameter of method 'GET_OBJ_REF_DISPLAY' from my custom program 'ZTEST' by calling the method 'get_obj_ref_filter'. is there any way by which I can pass the value to the inside method or somehow overwrite default value of the parameter in the inside method,If so then please let me know.