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Oct 09, 2013 at 01:55 PM

Source time field for 0CALDAY in SD Standard Cube 0SD_C03 - 0CREATEDON vs. 0ST_UP_DTE


Hi experts,

we are using BW Standard SD Cube 0SD_C03 (Sales: Overview).

Are there any best practice proposals to use the Update Date Statistics (0ST_UP_DTE) as source for 0CALDAY?



Sales order item was created on 15.01.2013 with a net value of 1,000.00 $. So we expect an Incoming Order value of 1,000.00 $ in periode 01.2013. One month later, e.g. on 25.02.2013 the sales order item was changed and the net value of the sales order item is 750.00 $.

Now we expect an incoming order value in periode 01.2013 of 1,000.00 $ and in the periode 02.2013 of -250.00 $. So in total (periode 01 + 02) that we have an Incoming Order value of 750,00 $ for this sales document item.

Everything works fine.

But the curiosity is, if we change only a time-irrelevant information (e.g. invoice date, payment conditions, etc. not quantity or price) in the sales document item, the Update Date Statistics is affected.

We want to use the Update Date Statistics (0ST_UP_DTE) as source for 0CALDAY, but only for specific changes (e.g. quantity, price, etc.) in the sales order item.

Should we implement any conclusion criteria in the transformation routine or what kind of prerequisites we have to check?

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,