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Oct 09, 2013 at 09:02 AM

Invoice batch split with TAO Item Category


Dear Gurus,

1- Scenario:

Sales Order:

In a sales process with a normal sales order type: OR and a billing plan at Header Level: Item Category TAO


Batch management is enabled at Delivery level and Item split as follow:

Main Item: TAO

Sub-level item showing both Batch + quantities: TAN

Item Material Del.Qty Un Description It.Cat P W Batch 10 101532 0 KG ABCD… TAO 900001 101532 10 KG ABCD… TAN C C 1333 900002 101532 10 KG ABCD… TAN C C 1334 900003 101532 10 KG ABCD… TAN C C 1335 900004 101532 10 KG ABCD… TAN C C 1336

The system will react the same way in a TAO scenario as much as in a TAN scenario and we do not have an invoice batch split problem in the TAN scenario at all:

Item Material Del. Qty Un Description It.Cat P W Batch 10 101532 0 KG ABCD… TAN 900001 101532 190 KG ABCD… TAN C C 1328 900002 101532 1.15 KG ABCD… TAN C C 1329


I have a batch split stemming from the batch split in the delivery showing main line item + sub items


I need to have a single line per item at invoice level showing the full price and NOT a batch split.

2- Customizing:

In copy control, customizing is both the same for TAN/ TAO and we only have the problem in the TAO context.

VTFL: Delivery To Invoice:

Copying requirements 004 Deliv-related item Billing quantity B Data VBRK/VBRP 907 Inv.Split (Rec/Div) Pos./neg. quantity + Pricing type G PricingExchRate type

Price source

3- Actions already taken:

I have changed the "Billing Quantity" from "B" to "G" and even "H" with no avail, the problem remains the same and we have a batch split at invoice level.

Many thanks for your kind help.