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Former Member
Oct 03, 2005 at 03:50 PM

view data not getting refreshed


Hi All,

1. I have two views in my application.

2. The first view has some fields for searching a certain item.

3. I call a BAPI for this search. The search result gets populated in the fields of the bottom view.

4. I can update the fields i the bottom view, and the update works perfectly.

5. Now if after update, I press the search button again from the top view, the bottom view displays the values before updation. Which is the point of botheration for me. I am executing the search BAPI again, then why the old values are getting populated? If I refresh the whole page and start searching from scratch then proper updated values are displayed.

What I feel somewhere the values before updation are getting cached, which I cant figure out. Can anybody help.

Thanks in advance