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Oct 09, 2013 at 06:30 AM

Two source values with single target values in Value Mapping


Hi All,

I am facing the issue in value mapping. I have two Source values which I want to map with a single Target value i.e N:1.

my scenario is either of the values, 'Shoes' or 'Footwear', under agency | schema 'BS_SENDER_01 | Nike_UK' will be mapped to the value 'Sneakers' under the agency-schema 'BS_RECEIVER_01 | Nike_US'.

I have created one Value Mapping group for Shoes to Sneakers successfully , now while creating another value Mapping Group for Footwear to Sneaker I am not able to create that. Its giving Error :-

" Check Result for Object ValueMapping_Test

Value BS_RECEIVER_01 | Nike_US | Sneakers already exists in value-mapping group with ID 789d59d7-3002-11e3-81cf-00ffb04b7a06


So my question is can I do this using Value Mapping?? if yes then how????? or I have to go for different approach for like "If-Else"