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Oct 08, 2013 at 08:50 PM

OData SDK compatibility with iOS7 and iPhone 5



We have a native online iOS application that works with Gateway. We are also using SUP 2.1.3 just for proxy purposes (and also for authentication).

The question is about the compatibility of OData SDK (SDMConnectivity, SDMParser, etc...) with iOS7 and iPhone 5.

1) Is there a recent version of the library that is built for architecture armv7s? Currently the library seems not to be compiled for armv7s architecture, which prevents from optimizing it for iPhone 5. It will still run on iPhone 5 but ideally the library should support armv7s architecture.

2) I can't seem to compile the project in XCode 5 when the base SDK is 7.0 and the deployment target is 7.0. If I set the deployment target to 6.1, then it all looks good. However, we are not planning to provide support for iOS 6 so the deployment target should be set to 7.0.

The linker error looks like:

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7:

"std::ostream::operator<<(unsigned int)", referenced from:

CAppLog::Log(unsigned int, int, char const*) in libMo.a(AppLog.o)

CAppLog::Notify(unsigned int) in libMo.a(AppLog.o)



P.S. A bonus question: Is there a way to avoid using the SDM libraries? Ideally, there should be. The underlying protocol is OData so the retrieving of data can be done with any OData library. However, how can we do the SUP authentication by another library?