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Oct 08, 2013 at 06:36 PM

Calculation on Cumulative Values of Key Figure SAP Bex


Dear Experts - Need your expert advice. I need to perform calculation on the cumulative values of Key Figure. However I am unable to do so. Cumulated values are not used however original values of KF are used.

Cumulative KF - Cumulative values based on KF1
KF1 KF2 KF3 ( Division Factor ) Expected Result Output Displayed 10 10 2 5 5 25 35 5 7 5 30 65 9 7.222222222 3.333333333 15 80 6 13.33333333 2.5 50 130 10 13 5

As shown above KF2 is a key figure which is displaying cumulative values of KF1 i.e 10,10+25,.... Now I need to divide KF2 with KF3 to get the Expected Results column(as shown above). However, actually the results are coming out to be as shown in column Output Displayed i.e it is dividing KF1 by KF3 instead of dividing KF2 by KF3.

Please suggest how to achieve this requirement in query designer or any other possible option.