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Oct 08, 2013 at 05:00 PM

HCM Forms: Attachments missing, lost along the way



Please could I ask whether anyone else has had problems with attachments not being passed through scenario steps in an HCM form?

I have defined an attachment type in the IMG, and assigned an anchor. I have one form scenario, and have added the attachment type to my first scenario step (and flagged it as create/change allowed).

When testing, I can attach a document to the Adobe form, but when the form is submitted the attachment gets lost. I can see lots of 'get attachment' type methods that are called when I go into the form in the next step (some look in table T5ASRDOCCASELNK), but no attachments are found via these methods (or in this table). This makes me think that it's not actually been saved off anywhere.

Am I missing some configuration?

Thanks everyone.