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Oct 08, 2013 at 01:11 PM

Couldn't startup HANA after Log Volume full


Greetings guys,

Recently we had an unfortunate incident when our HANA server ran out of disk space due to the growth of the log files. We then proceeded to follow the steps mentioned in this link ( . However we are still having issues getting the services started back up after following the exact steps - the HDB Daemon and HDB Nameserver status wouldn't go past initializing. Does anyone have any ideas or could shed some suggestions on what we can do next?

On another note we noticed there is something strange with the size of the log file when it's ordered in sequence, the logsegment has a 0KB file in between - this happened during the volume full incident. (you may refer to the attached). Could our issue be related to this?

logsegment_000_00000010.dat 65KB

logsegment_000_00000011.dat 0KB

logsegment_000_00000012.dat 65KB

Many thanks



Hana2.jpg (44.4 kB)
Hana1.jpg (38.9 kB)