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Oct 08, 2013 at 09:23 AM

MSA or Regular Replication for 1000 table (from all 1700). What is better?


What is better?

I need to setup replication for 1000 tables.

I have 2xASE (Active and Standby in WarmStandby configuration) with all 1700 tables in database

And only 1000 tables I need to replicate into Sybase IQ (from logical connection to phisical connection IQ)

So I have two options:

a) (regular replication) One replication definition and subcription per each table

b) (MSA) One database replication definition with list of 1000 tables.


create database replication definition rep_ASE_IQ

with primary at logicalconn.databasename

not replicate ddl

not replicate system procedures

not replicate functions

replicate tables in (






I could not find any information about command "create database replication definition" lenght limit for tables list

According to the documentation and my tests if I use MSA, DSI is using primary key or uniq index (from source table) to upload commands (on destination table).

So it should be as fast as regular replication

The questions are:

a) what is better in case of:

- performance

- need of changes (new columns, new tables etc)

b) what is the lenght limit for list table in command "create database replication definition"