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Former Member
Oct 08, 2013 at 09:05 AM

How to revert from fixed to plan the status of a flow


Hi experts:

Client has wrongly set V245 impairment flow as not relevant for posting. So I can see it via TPM13 with F status but obviously not in TPM20.

It has been fixed (but not updated to Fi) 2 years ago. Now the security has been sold and they are getting a difference in the Assets Account and in the P&L final result which is equal to the V245 amount. So client want to post this old flow now.

They do not want to post it directly via a Fi transaction like FB01 (they want integrity between TPM20 and all the Fi documents coming from TRM)

They do not want to reverse all the flows from 2 years ago till now (valuations and many others)


Is there any transaction to change the status of a flow from fixed to plan and if so which one to post it later.

If not any other solution will be appreciated

Thanks in advance