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Oct 08, 2013 at 08:53 AM

Consumption of serialized materials during goods movement


We have a scenario where, during goods receipt of a serialized material, we need to consume (issue for consumption) a different material with a predefined material (stored as a custom attribute).

I just want to confirm the following:

It seems that this is not possible to do this during a BADI or user exit. The serial numbers of the goods movement are only available during update, not prior to update (both in BADI MB_DOCUMENT_BADI and enhancement IQSM0007).

There is also no possibility, so it seems, to influence the material document with a BADI to add additional items to perform the consumption of the linked serialized material.

The only way it seems that it is possible to do this, other than a BADI in the goods movement, is to have a custom program to call a BAPI to create all the items.

Can you confirm if this assumption is correct?