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Oct 08, 2013 at 06:20 AM

GB311 in transport log when transporting substitution



I have add a FI substitution including and added a new user-exit. When the transport is released and moved to Q this message appears in the log:

"Incorrect conversion of field DATANCECHELON in table HRFRPBS_FP1_VAR".

I found a note saying the that this message can be ignored.I wonder why the message didn't appear three month before when I did a similar thing, adding a step to the same substitution using a user-exit. To my best knowledge no EhP or SP was updated in the system.

Also when I clocked on the user-exit it said couldn't find although the user-exit form is there. Obviously the substitution worked nevertheless.

RGUGBR00 didn't help and I had to update the navigation index.

Do I have to worry here when the transport to P is done?