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Oct 07, 2013 at 09:56 PM

Delivery for moving assets


Hi Folks

i want to ask a question, we have a legal requirement to create a delivery document if we move our assets (LAPTOP) out of our company, so for example if companies employee is going out of company to visit another subsidiary in another country, (it can happen even if he is not going to any subsidiary) he has to take his laptop with him, now for the legal requirement we have to create a delivery for him to take his laptop, it wont happen if he take his laptop for daily use i.e for taking it to his house, laptop is just an example.

once he come back we have to return this delivery and also these deliveries are on official documents which are provided by government.

please help me to configure this requirement,

options i had in mind are delivery without reference but i do not know if this can fulfill the requirement, as we have to keep record of documents used which are preprinted forms with numbers on them.