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Oct 07, 2013 at 09:01 PM

search/select complaints via multilevel categorisation with attributive categorization schema



Is the following scenario possible with multilevel categorization?

Assuming we have created a attributive categorization as described in the SAP Libary:

Example of an attribute categorization:

● Groceries

○ Packaging

■ Good

■ Bad

○ Taste

■ Good

■ Bad

In this example, Good and Bad are category duplicates, or semantically identical categories. In general, the following subjects are expressed here as combinations of characteristics:

● {Groceries, packaging, good}

● {Groceries, packaging, bad}

● {Groceries, taste, good}

● {Groceries, taste, bad}

Now we want to assign this categories to different complaints in several different combinations. Afterwards we want to perform a search via category "bad" and want to get all complaints regardless whether the category "bad" was assigned from super-ordinate category "taste" or assigned from super-ordinate category "packaging" . I this possible with multilevel categorization? Has anyone realized this or a similar scenario in a CRM 7.0 System?

We have the problem if we try to assign the category combination {Groceries, taste, bad} the system rejects this combination and assigns instead the combination {Groceries, packaging, bad}.


Matthias Breuer