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Report Shipping & Dangerous Goods


On an SAP system that has the EHS Specifications database setup, we are planning to implement Report Shipping and DG Checks functionalities in one project. From a project planning perspective, would you suggest/recommend developing/configuring these modules in sequence or would it be more optimal to configure the 2 modules in parallel? I ask this question assuming we'll run this project with ONE EHS consultant.

Thank you...

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  • Posted on Oct 08, 2013 at 06:34 AM

    Dear Dinesh

    the decision depends on the community you are using and how many consultants etc. are available. If you have only one consultant: you should not try to do it parallel.

    If you "drill" down this FORUM then my complexity ranking would be: to handle "Report shipment" is complexer in comparison of DG checks. Further topic to consider: you can/should start in EHS with DG topic (normally this is more important). The reason is: on the top you need to decide: how to print DG data on logistic documents. This "analysis" etc. takes a lot of time. But if you succeed you can use EHS. On the top: legislation regarding DG is "harder" that means if you (or your company) not able to fulfill that you (or your company) need to pay money (a lot !) and there is a risk for the responsible person (go to prison ! (no joke !)). SDS distribution is legally mandatory but if Raw reports exists this could be handled manually but no chance regarding DG checks or DG data on documents.

    Don't think about only considering "DG" checks. Take care about DG data printing on logistic documents as well. This is the "highest" effort. Pay attention: you need to have a good idea about DG (packaging, DG classification, DG regulations, routes etc. etc.) and you should estimate at least 3/4 year of analysis, design etc. etc. If you did not succeed up to now to generate the DG master and there is no maintenance process available: you should not ! start the DG check topic. Without data this does not make sense (as you need to check which regulations should be checked ! in most cases these transport regulations: IMDG, IATA, ADR, ADNR, ADN, RID, TDG, USDOT... are important (based on business of your company). To "handle" only the data maintenance regarding these transport regulations can be a challenge; not to discuss the integration in MM maintenance process etc. (check e.g.

    Therefore with only one consultant you have no other choice as to do it in sequence and even this might be a challenge


    PS: complexity of project is e.g. based on the fact if e.g. "HU"s (Handling Units) should be used or not. Further more: is EHS DG integration in SAP TM required? (e.g.

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