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Oct 07, 2013 at 05:21 PM

HCM P&F promotion process OM - PA issues


Dear all,

I am working on a custom HCM P&F process for promotion.

The process allows for change of cost centre as well in addition to the position change.

I am currently facing 2 issue and look forward to you help.

1. Data changed on OM is not reflectlying correctly in PA

i.e. We are marking old position as open and new position to which the employee is transferred as occupied though by calling RH* FM in workflow task. This is working fine and HRP1007 is correctly updated and the same shows up in PO13 as well.

However in transacation PPOS the new position is still showing up as open.

Any idea what could be going wrong here?

2. User can also update the new position's cost centre .

The cost centre relationship (A 011)updation is again done using WF task where RH* FMs are used.

In the custom task after call to RH* fm we are calling report RHINE30 so that OM data is synched with PA.

However this task is not getting completed and hence the workflow remains in process.

Appreciate your inputs very much with regard to what is the best approach here and possible solutions for the issues I am facing.