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Oct 05, 2013 at 05:20 PM

Subsequent Shipping and Sending of PDF file thru Email


Dear EHS Experts,

Can I have your expert advise on my question below please?

  1. Is there any environment parameter available wherein it only deletes all rejected report request in CVD1 say 1 week after its request date? If there is, can you please specify the environment parameter?
  2. I have tried activating the subsequent report shipping in SD_CALL so I just ticked the subsequent shipping in the shipping reason. I also set up the SUB_CALL. SAP delivers EHS_SAVE exit only for this “Reason”. FM has also been set up in Assign Check and Subsequent Shipping Functions. To test it, I have created a new version of report template, released it and created a report. Eventually a new report was created with a new version (e.g.- from 1.0 to 1.1) and the same was also been released. I have executed the SD side transactions. When checking CVD1 it had a status of rejected. As per my understanding, it should not be rejected due to subsequent shipping functionality. The client is using SAP ECC 6.0. I suspect the missing config is in Assign Names for User Exits. Just to reiterate that only EHS_SAVE exit is available in SUB_CALL. I did some research and EHS_SUBSEQ should be set up but I couldn’t find this exit. Are there other exits that I need to set up in Assign Names for User Exits? Is my understanding also correct that the button “Activate Subsequent Shipping” within Edit menu in CVD1 is only for manual activation of subsequent shipping and no need to select it if I have selected the said indicator in config of Specify Shipping Reasons?
  3. I have tried using the email functionality in sending MSDS and I just got worried about the size of the file. Upon receipt of the email attaching the MSDS, its size was 2.5MB. The file name was RTF as it was the standard format assigned in WWI and I didn’t change anything. Is this normal using the said file? I want to reduce the file so can you please advise what specifically should I do?
  4. Regarding sending a PDF file to the customer like in email, can you please guide me on this? Ive made some initial reading and looks like there’s a need to update the content of WWI.INI like shown below.










;PDF=Acrobat Distiller


; Format=addin(.dot);macro(.main)


I would really appreciate if you could send me a procedure or steps on how to execute inside the system in relation to the my question. You may send it at and I would be glad giving you the points.

Kind regards,