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Oct 04, 2013 at 04:02 PM

QM qualitative characteristic with variant configuration



I’ve been working in variant configuration scenario, but I have a problem with quality inspection.

I have created a qualitative class characteristic (assigning a catalog) which specifies, for example, color (red, blue…) and assigned it to a 300 class.

In the material master I have assigned a value to the characteristics for the different variants, so I have a variant which is valuated with Red and another with Blue.

In the quality side I have activated the inspection type 04, inspection with task list and inspection by configuration.

I have created the relationship between the class characteristic and the master inspection characteristic and assigned it to the task list.

During sales I have chosen a variant (example, blue) and everything is working fine (planning, production, supply…), but when I get to quality inspection (QA32) in the results I get the complete catalog, so it won’t matter if I choose red or blue because it will approve the characteristic automatically and won’t check if the sales order has specified blue…

Is it supposed to work this way? Or what is the correct functionality for a qualitative characteristic in the quality inspection of variant configuration?

I have read many posts and SAP documentation, but I can’t find a clear explanation of what I should expect…

Can someone please give me a hint on where to look or how to work this out?

Thanks and regards!