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Oct 04, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Is "Hide when following formula is true" supported on the iPad?



This applies to BO v4.0 SP5 and the iPad Application v5.0.5.9

I have a webi document and all this works fine under webi. On the iPad though it's not functioning quite correctly. I was wondering if "Hide when following formula is true" is supported on the iPad?

I have a Webi report with 3 report parts. Part 1 is a drill column that the user drills down from Region to District to Employee. Once the user selects an individual employee, 2 other report parts are displayed: a table and chart of that employee's information. These 2 report parts have "Hide when following formula is true" set to detect when the individual employee is set and so show their information.

Under Webi this works fine, on the iPad what happens is as follows:

1. Report is saved with data so an example of a single employee and their chart/table is shown.

2. User drills up/down to employee list to select a new employee and as expected the two report parts disappear, and the remaining drill column fills the screen.

3. When a new employee record is selected, the two report parts do not appear back on the screen.


4. Go to another report tab in the document and then back to this report tab, and

5. All 3 report tabs are correctly displayed. So the app has effectively done the work, just not displayed the other reports parts until you go out and back into the report.